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The TinySteps Approach

First and foremost, Tiny Steps is not a diet. We emphasize “lifestyle change” as the key component to success for whatever your health goals may be:

Weight-loss. Disease Management/Prevention. Self Confidence.
Medication Reduction. Increased Energy. Making better food choices.

Our Toolbox:


  • Tiny Steps Method (setting goals and achieving them step by step)
  • No measuring
  • No counting calories


  • Emphasis on a more whole foods and plant-rich way of eating.
  • You are empowered with reputable health and nutritional education in order to make lasting food and health choices.
  • Learning to “listen” to your body.


  • YOU dictate your own health goals.
  • YOU control the pace of your program.
  • YOU choose how to track your progress.


  • Nutrition experts guide you every Tiny Step of the way.
  • Accountability.
  • Motivation.



A Simple Path to Better Health

  1. Make an appointment with one of our trained nutritionists for your initial consultation over the phone or however is most convenient for your schedule.
  2. Create your Tiny Steps Plan with the guidance and education from your nutritionist to help you find new healthy habits to adopt while allowing you to work on them at your own pace.
  3. Use daily text messaging or email service to help you stay on track for that week’s goal. Your nutritionist will help keep you informed, motivated, and accountable!
  4. Use online resources like articles, how-to videos, and recipes to help you develop your system for healthy eating that is efficient and quick!
  5. Follow-up each week with your nutritionist to troubleshoot problems faced during the week, help keep you motivated, and accountable!
  6. Repeat steps 3-6 until you have completed all of your Tiny Steps to a new, healthier, happier, more energetic YOU!

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