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“I feel empowered to make life long change. It is not as hard as I expected and I never feel hungry. I have more energy on the days I eat all the raw and cooked veggies that I should and fruit feels like a treat!

I don’t feel overwhelmed by the goals that were set and at the end of the week I don’t feel like I failed.”

- Tracy Williams, San Diego, CA.

“The gang at Tiny Steps helped me become more aware of how and when I was sabotaging my desire to eat better and be healthier. They helped me see that having a busy professional life is perfectly consistent with eating well. Having a knowledgeable, non-judgmental sounding board for problems and creative solutions was useful and helped me build confidence that a) it’s really not rocket science, and b) I could continue this process on my own!”

- Jackie Pomeroy, Jakarta, Indonesia.

“I have loved Tiny Steps! It has been a huge motivator to improve eating habits for me and my family. I would have never tried green smoothies on my own and now we have them every day and my kids love them too! It’s has been helpful to be accountable to someone other than my spouse for improving eating behaviors. The tips and tracker help me visualize my goals!”

- Monica Jenson, Mesa, AZ

“Tiny Steps takes a personal approach to creating a better life through developing healthy habits. In my assessment session, I felt heard and not judged. Based upon my input, Nadaa suggested some tiny steps I could take, and we settled on one to which I have faithfully held. I’m looking forward to implementing another tiny step toward living a healthier life.

I like the personal interaction with a trained nutritionist who is sensitive to my habits and challenges. I also favor the tiny steps approach, because it breaks my efforts into achievable steps that give me hope that I can turn these efforts into long-standing, healthy habits.”

- Alan Lobock, Scottsdale, AZ

“Tiny Steps has helped me alter my diet in a great healthy way. It’s easy and you take it as fast or slow as you want. It’s a personalized nutrition program. I have an extremely busy schedule and I was lacking in the nutritional area. Having Tiny Steps reminders and health materials, I have been more diligent with my fruits and veggies. I have a lot more energy and feel 10 times better! Highly recommended!”

- Christopher Williams, San Diego, CA.

“This program was just what I needed to start to eat healthy! My family and I were eating out almost every meal and I was wanting to change our way of life to eating healthy. This program taught me where to start and how to keep going! I’m so thankful for tiny steps and how it has changed our lives for the better!”

- Lindsay Anderson, Mesa, AZ.

“Tiny Steps is just that…a doable program set up to make you acknowledge the tiny steps you already do well and it encourages you to add small goals that you can feel successful at. Personally, I need the one-on-one check-in’s each week and after this conversation I feel rejuvenated. It’s more than accountability, it’s knowledge and skill building.

The program is a great combination of technology and one-on-one support. I like the positive spin on the small goal setting. If there are a few tiny steps I can succeed at, I do some each week and work at others later. It isn’t an all-or-nothing plan like the goal ‘I want to lose X pounds’ is. With that, you either lose or don’t lose pounds per week, whereas with this program I can feel success and keep going week-to-week even if I’m not perfect. This could work for keeping me focused for a longer span. That is what I hope.

Overall, I found the program has made me start getting out of a bad cycle of unhealthy eating and given me hope with the continued support of Tiny Steps to create positive habits. Thanks!”

– Christina Frazen, Scottsdale, AZ.

“It was great to get guidance and support from a very professional and friendly adviser. Tiny Steps will help many who need support but don’t know where to seek it. They help you to not only achieve your goals but change your eating habits to be healthier. Its bring the much-needed lifestyle change to ensure you not only live longer (hopefully) but feel great, healthy and happy. I would recommend that people sign up to find out how valuable this service really is.”

- Meera Ghani, Brussels, Belgium.

“I love Nadaa’s approach to everything, strong listening, education, and individually crafted perspective about this journey. For the first time, the goal was not weight loss, but energy. For some reason, eating to get more energy, does not feel “pressure-filled” and impossible. It feels very doable! My skin is literally glowing from the green shakes and lots of people have said as much. I literally feel “cleaner” inside, my desires for coffee have been non-existent and that happened after my first shake. And I am not hungry after ingesting all of that goodness. Who knew that was going to happen? And grocery shopping is sincerely a “breeze” the way Nadaa teaches. I am so very grateful…truly. I feel real hope and I do believe I am on my way…one step at a time.”

- Jamise Liddell, Phoenix, AZ.

“I already feel more knowledgeable and empowered about my eating habits. Taking these tiny steps to health has been stress-free and very doable! I look forward to my daily text reminder. It keeps me on track!”

-Aimee Williams, Mesa, AZ.

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