The Science Behind Why We Crave

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  This is the situation: it’s been a really long day and you’ve barely made it through. You get home, have a quick dinner, but then, a short while later, the cookies in the pantry seem to be calling your name. You’re not feeling hungry, exactly, but you deserve a little something for getting through your day, right? Does this sound familiar? …

McKinzie AlstonThe Science Behind Why We Crave

Healthy snack ideas for the busy bee: Part 1

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Snacks are always something we tend to reach for at some point in the day. We have all been there. 3 O’clock hits and you feel sluggish, tired, and hankering to munch. Here are some quick  solutions to satisfy the need to snack without sacrificing health or nutritional benefits…. Fruit (whole piece or mixed): apples, peaches, pears, oranges, grapefruit, grapes. …

Kate RichardsonHealthy snack ideas for the busy bee: Part 1