Grocery Shopping on a Plant-Based Diet

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Eating a healthy, successful plant-based diet requires a bit of planning. Here is a quick video on how to make sure you buy all the grocery items you need every week without making elaborate lists. This is good for people that don’t have a ton of time to plan meals, but still want to eat healthy.

I have a list of “food groups” in my mind and whenever I go to the grocery store. Here they are:

  1. Greens! (The king of food.)
    – For salads, smoothies, and cooking
  2. Colorful vegetables
    – For salads, cooking, and snacks
    – Always include avocado
  3. Fruits
    – Frozen and fresh
  4. Beans / Lentils
    – Canned or dry
  5. Nuts / Seeds / Dry Fruits
    – Raw and unsalted only
    – Dry fruits, unsweetened when possible
  6. Grains and Bread
    – Rice, pasta, quinoa, etc.
  7. Non-Dairy Milk
    – Soy, hemp, almond, etc.!
  8. Condiments and Treats
    – Almond butter, salad dressing, dark chocolate, unsalted corn chips, salsa, hummus, etc.
  9. Sprouts
    – When available or sprout yourself

I alternate between Trader Joe’s and Sprout’s. With these guidelines in mind, I buy items from each food group so that I can easily prepare all the foods I eat in my daily diet. I am always optimizing for a combination of efficiency, health, and economy.

Nadaa TaiyabGrocery Shopping on a Plant-Based Diet
  • Joanne

    This makes things so easy with my busy schedule and leaves more time for working out!